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Jed Gammon is a sports photographer based in Raleigh NC. Jed has a real passion for sports photography and a skill for capturing dramatic and inspiring moments on film. Having covered many major sporting events, he has been able to hone his craft to perfection and his work has found its place in a large number of top-tier publications. He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to his sports either; he’s shot everything from football, to gymnastics, to bull riding, to ballet. He also sometimes branches out to other areas and has been known to photograph residential and commercial real estate and even the occasional wedding! Another passion is music and he’s always looking for new opportunities around the Triangle.

When he’s not out in the field, Jed is often found updating his blog with his photos and many are available to view in his galleries. His blog contains a lot of great information too and is where he shares his tips and tools of the trade, as well as reporting on his recent gigs. Feel free to take a look!

What Makes Great Sports Photography?

 All of us have tried our hand at sports photography but there’s a different between shooting players from the seats on your iPhone and capturing the sorts of high-adrenaline photos that are fitting for the top publications. These pictures manage to tell a story in a single moment and really bring the sport to life right on the page. Jed has decades of experience working as a professional photographer and knows just how to capture the most incredible stills that really highlight the skill of the players and the drama of the moment. Just take a look through some of his work to see the difference and to see why he is in such demand.

About Jed

Jed married his high school sweetheart and now lives in Raleigh with a son and daughter – both of whom make regular appearances throughout his site and are regular muses. His philosophy is to “make happy clients, make great images, have fun and let the images tell the story”. He has a real commitment to his craft and it’s easy to see that shining through looking at his creations.

Jed is available for work. If you are looking for photos for a website, magazine or blog to show the dynamic, exhilarating and beautiful side of sport, then Jed is your man. Feel free to get in touch if you need coverage for an event or you’re just looking to buy some amazing shots that will brighten up any piece.

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