Residential Real Estate Photography

Jed Gammon is a real estate photographer specializing in residential real estate photographer and videography in the Raleigh-Durham area.

When you are selling a home, you want to show its best features in photographs and a professional photographer like Jed Gammon is the person to do just that. When it comes to photographing real estate in the best possible light, Jed is an expert. He has spent several years shooting real estate for some of top selling agents in Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill and Wake Forest.

Interior Real Estate Photography

There are all kinds of factors that affect how a photograph will come out. The setting, the lighting and the angle are all things you must take into consideration when setting up a room or a house to be photographed. The staging that might look terrific in person, or the lighting that best showcases a room in reality may not translate well to film and you’ll need a professional to be able to create the right lighting and staging. Knowing how to look for these problems and solve them is the job of a professional residential real estate photographer.

Photography of the Exterior

Being able to look at a home’s exterior and be able to tell not only which angles should be photographed, but also what time of day to take them and how to best show off exterior features in just a few photographs is one of the reasons that Jed is such a sought after photographer in the Raleigh-Durham area. His expertise at creating just the right picture results in more homes being shown and more sales closed.

Real Estate Video Photography

One of the ways that agents and brokers make use of Jed’s services to give them an edge in the market is through the use of real estate video. A video tour of a home’s exterior or interior can give the potential buyer a connection to the property that he or she may not have gotten from the photographs and adding a video on a home listing page could mean a dramatic increase in sales.

Choose Jed Gammon for Residential Real Estate

When you need great photographs by someone who has experience with residential real estate then there is no better choice in Raleigh-Durham than Jed Gammon. Contact Jed today and find out just how easy getting the right pictures taken really is.




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